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PDF Documents by Chuck Adams, K7QO

This is my preferred means of doing instructional material. I use LaTeX and can make changes and updates much more rapidly. IMHO. Plus I like the math capability much better than any other application software.

  • K7QO's Lab Notebook   PDF by K7QO. Updated Sep 15, 2017. Some links broken. Work in progress.
  • Kits and Parts 1w Build   1W S/N 108 for 20m building steps.
  • Building of the SWL40+ Transceiver   Small Wonder Labs 40m Transceiver Assembly.
  • Building of the SWL30+ Transceiver   Small Wonder Labs 30m Transceiver Assembly.
  • K7QO Code Course   K7QO Code Course in ISO file format.
  • QRPp Table of Contents   I put together the table of contents of each issue from the scanned issues.

  • Muppet Board Receiver   This is a video that I just love to watch.
  • Muppet Board Receiver   This is another video by the same builder. W1DN.
  • Muppet Board Receiver   This is modular board construction for the receiver with DDS by W1DN.

    NorCal40A 25th Anniversary 2018 by Chuck Adams, K7QO

    In anticipation of the 25th anniversary of the design of the NorCal40 40m transceiver by Wayne Burdick, N6KR, for the NorCal QRP Club, here are some ideas for you to consider. The plan is to have as many old and new NorCal40 and NorCal40A transceivers on the air for 2018. Even though the transceiver came out in the last half of the year, but both QRP-L and the NorCal QRP Club were formed in the early part of the same year. So. Build 'em if you got 'em. And then put them on the air frequently.

  • NAP numbers assigned and available   Numbers to be exchanged with other NorCal40 transceiver users during 2018 for friendly handshake.

  • URL1
  • URL2   My first document on building Manhattan Style.
  • URL3   AA7EE Method of cutting PCB without a shear. Neat.
  • URL4
  • URL5   Jim Kortge, K8IQY, SWL30+ build.
  • URL6   8640-jr signal generator.
  • URL7
  • Chapter 24.   See Chapter 24 in my lab notebook.
  • AA7EE neat technique for sizing PCB material.

    Here are a series of videos showing the building of a NorCal40A using Manhattan Building Techniques for those that do not own or have a NorCal40A and might want to try to build one.

  • NorCal40A Manhattan Build by K7QO Part 01
  • NorCal40A Manhattan Build by K7QO Part 02
  • NorCal40A Manhattan Build by K7QO Part 03
  • NorCal40A Manhattan Build by K7QO Part 04
  • NorCal40A Manhattan Build by K7QO Part 05
  • NorCal40A Manhattan Build by K7QO Part 06
  • NorCal40A Manhattan Build by K7QO Part 07
  • NorCal40A Manhattan Build by K7QO Part 08 AGC/Mute receiver section.
  • NorCal40A Manhattan Build by K7QO Part 09 Product Detector/BFO receiver section.
  • NorCal40A Manhattan Build by K7QO Part 10 IF crystal filter section.
  • NorCal40A Manhattan Build by K7QO Part 11 Receiver Mixer section.
  • NorCal40A Manhattan Build by K7QO Part 12 VFO and RIT sections.

  • ARRL Teaser with Chapter 1 of EMRFD. This link has the Fig 1.9 DC receiver schematic.

  • Link to abcfab listings of CEM-1 PCB material

    NorCal40A PCB Build by Chuck Adams, K7QO

    Rahul, VU3WJM, laid out a PCB for the NorCal40A from schematics Rev E and F. This is being done with the written permission of Wayne Burdick, N6KR, and for the purpose of reviving the NorCal40 on its 25th anniversary next year (2018). There will be a year long QSO party using NorCal40's. Join qrp-tech at yahoogroups to see all the gory details. The following is, hopefully, all the information you need to get one going, if you don't already have one built. This is not a beginners project, so get help if you need it locally. Online help will only get you so far.

    There was a special deal to get the boards cheap. That deal has come and gone. Now you have to search the web for PCB manufacturers to get quotes for boards. China is the cheapest source at this time (2018).

  • Gerber files. Download this file without modification to your hard drive.

    The following are files and videos to help in your build.

  • NorCal40A construction manual.   Go to the last lising in the N section. Don't know how he does this. The manual can be used for assembly with the new board except for the control pots, jacks and switches are off the board. Also a 100 ohm resistor and 100nF cap have been added at Rz and Cz for the Zobel network to keep the LM386 from oscillating under some conditions.

  • Assembly steps and testing for the videos below by K7QO.   Use this with the schematic in the above manual, parts listing and the videos below and you should have a very good chance of success. Depends upon your skill level and patience. Not recommended for beginners. Last update Nov 11, 2017 0100UTC.

    Here are my videos on this project. Hope they help.

  • NorCal40A construction video phase 1.   Power supply and voltage regulator setup and check.
  • NorCal40A construction video phase 2.   AF Amplifier build and check.
  • NorCal40A construction video phase 3.   AGC and Mute build and check.
  • NorCal40A construction video phase 4.   Receiver product detector and BFO.
  • NorCal40A construction video phase 5.   Receiver IF crystal filter.
  • NorCal40A construction video phase 6.   Receiver Mixer.
  • NorCal40A construction video phase 7.   Receiver Bandpass Filter and Mute.
  • NorCal40A construction video phase 8.   VFO and RIT.
  • NorCal40A construction video phase 8.5.   VFO drift test.
  • NorCal40A construction video phase 9.   Key Switch circuit.
  • NorCal40A construction video phase 10.   Transmitter mixer, bandpass filter and buffer amplifier.
  • NorCal40A construction video phase 11.   VFO tuning range measurement.

    My email address is chuck dot adams dot K7QO at gmail dot com

    K7QO PCB Series by Chuck Adams, K7QO

    The following are projects involving the creation and use of PCBs for electronic projects. Videos, schematics and Gerber files are planned. Give me time to get the files together, as one may appear before the others come along within a few hours to a day. Depending upon my work load. YMMV.

    Colpitts Oscillator Experiment, K7QO

  • K7QO PCB 001 -- Colpitts Crystal Oscillator.   Colpitts Oscillator experiment.
  • K7QO PCB 001 Gerber Files.   Colpitts Oscillator PCB Gerber files in zipped format.
  • K7QO PCB 001 Schematic.   Colpitts Oscillator Schematic.

    DC Receiver Experiment, K7QO

  • K7QO DC Receiver Schematic.   Schematic for experimental DC receiver. Updated Dec 9, 2017.
  • K7QO DC Receiver Gerber Files in zip format.   DC Receiver Gerber files for ordering boards from allpcb. Updated Dec 9, 2017. Rev 2.0.
  • K7QO DC Receiver PCB Image.   DC Receiver Image as shown in Sprint Layout 6.0. Updated Dec 15, 2017. Rev 2.0.
  • K7QO DC Receiver Board Image.   DC Receiver Board Image as shown in Sprint Layout 6.0. Updated Dec 15, 2017. Rev 2.0.

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